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Swedish Wild Bilberry Concentrate

What is Swedish Wild Bilberry?

It is a premium complete formula for:

  • Eye Health
  • Whole Body Antioxidant Support
  • Cardiovascular Health
  • Cognitive Support
  • Blood Sugar Health

Nordic wild blueberry(Bilberry) vitamin with high concentrate lutein, zeaxanthin together with vitamin A,C,E and Zinc.

Scientifically formulated, concentrated, clinically proven, easy to absorb and highly effective, equivalent to a daily intake of 22 grams of fresh wild blueberry.

Europeans call it the “oral cosmetic” supplement because of its antioxidant property not only protecting eye sight effectively, it is very effective in removing black marks and moles in face and skin.

NIH of the US has extensively documented wild blueberry vitamin’s benefits in antioxidant, genoprotective and anticancer, eye sight protection, preventing type 2 diabetes, cardiac protection, anti-inflammatory, hypoglycemic, neuroprotective, antimicrobial effects.

It is a 60 capsule box for a standard 2 month usage.

– MOQ : 1 case
– Boxes per case : 6
– Box content : 60 capsules (2 months supply)


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