Yalda Herbs Immune Booster 18 Pyramid Echinacea Melange


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-Immune Booster will strengthen your resistance.

-This mix from natural flowers and herbs helps your body to protect itself against bad influences, such as sickening bacteria or viruses.

-One cup of this lovely tea will give you new energy. Immune Booster helps your body to stay healthy, and drinking this tea will give you a nice feeling of living a conscious life.

-The tea is in a pyramid teabag.

-A box contains 18 bags of tea.

-Boost your immune system with this pure mixture of flowers and herbs from Persia.

-The combination of pennyroyal, ziziphora, and tilia creates natural protection against a cold or the flu.

-Prevent instead of cure with this powerful immune booster tea.

-This tea has a pure, natural taste.

Yalda Herbs Immune Booster 18 Pyramid Teabags Herbal Tea Echinacea Mlange

1 Box contains 18 tea bags and the Minimum order quantity is 6 boxes”

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